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Monday, February 29, 2016

Each-Line-One-Breath ; Incredible Line Artworks By John Franzen

Nursyam N - 5:33:00 AM
John Franzen an artist based Netherlands creates textured artworks reminiscent of wrinkled fabric or water ripples by drawing hundreds of lines from the top of a paper canvas all the way to the bottom.
These magnificent artwork called “each line one breath”, is a series of meditative, he calls them morphogenetic freehand drawings.

Franzen starts with a straight line all the way down a page, and then slowly draws another line beside it. He tries his best to copy the line exactly by controlling his breathing. But inevitably there are tiny imperfection, instead to correcting that “mistake”, he amplifies them by copying them with each new line, and the drawing begins to reveal itself like a curtain.

More Info : johnfranzensaatchiart (h/t : odditycentral)

 “line are everywhere to find, wherever it is, sound and light, water and dunes, growth rings and lines of trees, skin and stratum, tree formation in the forest, the falling rain, the grass luffing in the wind." -Franzen 

Combophotos; A Mind-Bending Mash-Ups Photos by Stephen McMennamy

Nursyam N - 5:07:00 AM
Stephen McMennamy an artist and art director  from Atlanta, has create playful  mashups photos called #Combophotos by takes two separate photos similar backgrounds then carefully fits them together with awesome results. No Photoshop, just clever photography and placement.

It’s really just from looking around and seeing what things are out in the world might make for an interesting fit or what would make for a nice contrast once combined,” McMennamy told PetaPixel. “As far as process, it’s just a matter of me hunting things down and aiming for the cleanest shot possible.”

See more McMennamy's work on his website Combophotos and Instgram (h/t : Metro)

New York Artist Creates Amazing Realistic Drawing That Looks Like a Photo

Nursyam N - 1:06:00 AM
Robert Longo an artist based New York, creates detailed charcoal drawing and graphite, that look like a real photo. Longo was born in Brooklin and since childhood he has been interested with the mass media like movies, television,magazines or comic books, and all of that make big influences of Longo’s artisty. Robert Longo decide to make his own black and white photographs use charcoal, graphite and paper rather than using a photoshop.

Nowadays, longo’s work have been exhibited in galleries around the world. so, if you want to know more about his work of art, you can look it on the galleries or you can check Paul cadden’s graphite artworks.

More Info : robertlongo (h/t : odditycentral )

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Stunning Photo-Realistic Pastel Drawings By Ruben Belloso Adorna

Nursyam N - 6:48:00 AM
Ruben Belloso Adorna, an artist from Seville-Spain, has created incredibly detailed portraits of real-life and fictional characters drawn exclusively in pastel on wooden canvas.

Create hyper-realistic work of art using oil paints it self need a great talent and skill. But drawing it by pastel sticks and crayons seems almost impossible. But, these artist proved that he can create hyper-realistic painting using only pastels.  Adorna was graduated from university of Seville, of fine arts. By his pastel  artwork, Adorna has participating in numerous solo and group exhibition, and winning several awards. Some people call him as genius of the 21st century.

More Info : Facebook | Rubenbelloso (h/t : odditycentral)

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